Going to lovely London in a week! I'm so excited and I really look forward to this trip seeing s it's my first real vacation for over six months. We'll be gone a week and I hope I'll have time to see all the things I want to see. Normally I won't go "touristing" when I visit another country, I like to see it as it really is but seeing as I've spent a full month in England already, living with a host family I will take this opportunity and be the geeky tourist. (a.k.a I will go to madame Tussaud s' , Harry Potter theme park, "Diagon" Alley etc.)

Of course there'll be lots of pictures and hopefully I'll take some time off for blogging too. Won't make any promises though. Off to do some halloweenie masks with mom (who, by the way, hates Halloween so I'm guessing there'll be at least one half-normal looking mask hahaha)

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