Dear Readers

Dear readers. Thank you. I guess yesterday was sort of a test to see if someone actually read the blog. I was surprised to see a whole lot more people read it than I thought Not that it matters how MANY readers I have it's just that I have someone who reads my blog that is flattering. Remember, quality over quantity. My original thought was that I wouldn't start blogging regularly but at least once or twice a week. Well. I guess that failed. And now I've written twice in two days. I guess the reason is that I feel like I need to ventilate somewhere or I'll explode. Both creatively and mentally. I found an open photo exhibition at a museum in Stockholm. I have an idea what I want to do but it's not quite finished and I need time to work it through. I have some time off this weekend so I thought I would try and figure out the details then.

Update when I can. Apparently that could be already tomorrow or in two months.

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