Bollnäs Open

Went to Bollnäs this weekend (well actually it was Sunday - Tuesday but in my world that counts as a weekend) to play floor ball. I was a bit nervous since I was the one who booked the place we were staying at. After many hours in the car and a lot of fun we finally arrived and to my great relief the place was actually kind of amazing considering it was an old mansion. The first night was kind of noisy though, we shared with a lot of other people so they partied quite hard all night.

In my opinion breakfast is one of the best meals all day, or no. It is when you are away and are eating a "hotel breakfast". Those are the best one. Sadly we had no time to enjoy the meals during Monday at all. But the tournament was a lot of fun even tough we lost all our games it resulted in us deciding to start our own team when we got home. Monday night we celebrated not only 10 years of tournament but also the ones who won.

I can truly say that although we lost I had a great time and I would do it again if I got the chance. Sadly I couldn't bring my camera to the games but I took some pictures before we left Stockholm and some of the items we got during the party.

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