Squirrels in Hyde Park - Stories from London

So first couple of days in London are up. We've actually done quite a lot concidering we haven't been here for that long. First day was hard though but we made it through and I have to say we did alright finding everything we needed.
Yesterday was photo lesson day. Since I recently bought two new cameras for myself I gave my old one to Jonny to bring with him to London. Even though he won't admitt it to himself he's doing really good for a "first-timer". We went around all of London visiting all the tourist places and looking like two real tourists what with all our bags and our camera equipment. I failed to bring my adapter with me to London though so I won't be able to upload anything until I get home but I thought I would upload our cute little friends in Hyde park. All credit goes to Jonny for these and all the "tourist-y" pictures I will upload.
(Photos taken by Jonny, edited by me)

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